New Profiles


Originality, Creativity, and Innovation Matter.


To all of our valued distributors, architects, builders, home-owners, contractors, and others that we have done business with in the past or soon will in the future:

As you have seen throughout the years, a few of our competitors have been attempting to reproduce our designs and/or innovations and selling them as their own.  Just as it pains you to see someone stealing one of your innovative building designs or copying the way you have successfully built your business, we ask that you continue to support the innovator, EasyTrim Reveals.

EasyTrim Reveals has created additional new profiles to help you create buildings and homes that install efficiently and deliver unprecedented all-weather performance. We have submitted design patent applications for ALL of these trim profiles and have submitted utility patents for certain profiles that solve some difficulties associated with water management and/or increased ease of installation.

We have decided to release our new profiles now while we await our patents to be granted so that you our valued customers may benefit from our product innovations as soon as possible. We ask that in exchange you recognize that you saw these trim advancements here first at EasyTrim Reveals and you help to support our continued path of innovation by not condoning the actions of those who feel that it is okay to steal the ideas, designs, and innovations of others.

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