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As an installer, you build your business and earn the right to bid on repeat business because you are trustworthy, you are cost competitive and the high quality of your work. As a business owner, you constantly battle growth versus risk. New opportunities often mean hiring new, and sometimes unknown crews. The new crews can increase your profit or they can increase your deficiencies, damage your reputation and eat up your profit. Your business success is defined by profit. Your profitable installation business is built around your ability to accurately forecast material and labor costs, increase the number of jobs you can complete in a month without increasing service callbacks. Collecting money quickly for work performed is key to running your business.

We understand your business.

When comparing EasyTrim Reveals to ordinary trims, compare more than just the purchase price and you will see that we will help you achieve your business goals better than ordinary trims designed for indoor use. We designed our system with the input of installers, so we have several unique profiles and features that help you get the material on the wall quickly. Our system clicks and slides together for high-quality, hassle-free installations for crews of various skill sets and helps you get your crew on to the next job site quickly without the frustration of profit-eating callbacks.

We help you grow your business by making your target market bigger. EasyTrim Reveals with 5/16” inch fiber cement is an excellent alternative to stucco / EIFS (External Insulation Finish System) because you can install our system in all climate and precipitation conditions, in less time and for less money than stucco and EIFS with the extra bonus of full warranty protection. EasyTrim Reveals with 5/16” inch fiber cement can be sourced locally and installed for less money than thicker domestic and imported 7/16” inch fiber cement products or custom box metal panel systems. We help your installation company broaden and grow its business into new non-residential construction markets like; commercial, education, and retail with ease and confidence and without additional investment. We help you and your crews put 4’x8’ foot and 4’x10’ foot fiber cement panels on the wall quickly and for a profit.


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LAP Siding


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For you, it’s a reality that trim installation is mostly thankless work that nobody sees until there is a problem real or perceived. Trim work is the low-reward step in siding and often becomes the focus point during the inspection process and the part of the job most likely to cause you stress or heartburn. Your next bank draw could be held up due to trim deficiencies like visible nail holes, symmetry of nail holes, opened mitered corners and unprofessional caulking. This shouldn’t be. Putting the siding on the wall is what you get paid to do while installing the trim is what you don’t get paid enough to do.

EasyTrim Reveals LAP profiles have been designed with you in mind so you make money when you install them. We eliminate the common complaints that you get with wood and composite trims, with pre-built, dadoed, aluminum corners that will never open up or “shadow.” Our system is blind nailed so we eliminate any negative feedback about visible nail holes. Best of all, our system is caulk-free. Our corners and General j trim profiles have our ez.bump in them. The ez.bump and tabs on these profiles protect the fiber cement edge while allowing them to self-drain without the need for caulking. Think of what that means to you in terms of labor and material cost savings! We have a really cool two-piece vertical profile that allows you to organize your butt joints vertically so you can work straight up the wall instead of back and forth the way you do now. This profile helps you eliminate plank waste and finish installations in less time with potentially less scaffolding. Our large ¾” inch tabs help conceal any contraction of the fiber cement underneath the trim tabs, improving customer satisfaction, and satisfied customers are more likely to pay in full and on time and recommend you to some one else.


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