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As a homeowner you have achieved the essential basic need of shelter. Your home provides you with a sense of pride, security, and an opportunity for financial gain. You are a creative person with a flair for artistic expression and that extends to the exterior of your home. Green isn’t just a buzzword for you so whenever green products are available, you use them. You live an interesting and busy lifestyle and the last thing you want is a big financial or time commitment for maintaining your new, sleek modern home – you simply don’t have the time. Your brand new or newly renovated home should have the latest technology available and warranty protection that lets you feel comfortable and sleep well at night. You understand the difference between price and value and always choose value. You see vinyl as a cheap economy product, and stucco / EIFS (External Insulation Finish System) as risky and bland. Your house is an extension of you and also your largest investment, so curb appeal and differentiation are also really important because you want your place to stand out from the crowd, even if it’s just a little… just like you.

EasyTrim Reveals Panel trims with smooth fiber cement panels create low-cost grid patterns on exterior walls of single family and multifamily homes. Our anodized and primed trims can be used as the signature element of your building’s exterior to create architectural lines and patterns that are bold, subtle or elegant. Our panel trims are 100% aluminum, contain up to 25% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. This system protects your fiber cement panels while allowing them to self-shed rain and moisture, so caulk isn’t required – ever. Our anodized aluminum profiles are virtually 100% maintenance free and deliver unmatched “bling” and distinction for the dollar. Water management is built into each individual profile in the system, so you can rest easy that your fiber cement panels and the wall assembly are protected by the only aluminum reveal system engineered for outdoor use. Our long-term warranty is another bonus and better than anything available with stucco / EIFS and only makes you more confident you have made the right choice. Your EasyTrim Reveals’ house isn’t the most expensive in your neighborhood, but it is the most attractive and interesting…at least that’s the opinion of your neighbors, and that’s cool by you.


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LAP Siding


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For you, wood corners and trim boards looked great, but not so great that they are worth the hassle. Wood corners with mitered ends look great until the connection opens up and shadows appear and water infiltration follows. Composite trims perform better than wood, but they still open when mitered and they still look like wood. You recognize that the traditional plank trim board hasn’t evolved in appearance in over a century. Then there is the caulk. Caulk is a necessary evil you would rather do without and certainly don’t want to maintain. Caulk is messy, the color flashes and then it dries out and cracks and then it fails. What would be cool is if you could use traditional plank products like fiber cement and natural wood without caulk. You have also noticed how some homes with plank siding have ugly butt-joint stagger patterns that look like steps and you want to avoid that on your house. Everybody basically has the same type of trim on their homes but you would try something different if it was available.

We do different. Add some aesthetic pop and pizzazz to your home with EasyTrim Reveals LAP trims. Our trims have large ¾” inch openings to accommodate 5/16” inch lapped fiber cement plank and ¾” inch T&G (tongue and groove) natural wood products. Our anodized finish offers a new, modern take on the previously boring trim board. Pre-built corners will never open up like a mitered corner will and aluminum trims near grade will never absorb water and rot like wood trims do. Blind nailed, anodized aluminum corners and vertical trims look advanced and modern; the exact opposite of wood corners and wood battens. With outside-the-box thinking we have engineered siding protection and moisture management without the use of caulk. This advancement improves the look of your home in addition to eliminating caulking as a maintenance issue for you down the road. Cool.


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