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Panel Siding


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EasyTrim Reveals is a game-changing product available to you through our national distribution partners. Inventory is local and easily accessible so costly construction delays for your customers can be avoided. EasyTrim Reveals gives you the opportunity to become an expert in the fast growing aluminum reveal siding accessory category. Ordinary aluminum reveal trims were designed for interior use and can’t manage water – end of story. Easytrim Reveals are the only aluminum reveal trims designed as a system for outdoor use that collects and sheds water away from the fiber cement and wall assembly. By recommending EasyTrim Reveals as an alternative to generic metal trims, you will be giving your customers additional value through our installation efficiencies that will help them complete their work easier, faster, and more profitably. By supplying EasyTrim Reveals and fiber cement to your customers you are able to help them grow their businesses by replacing high-risk claddings like stucco / EIFS, and high-cost claddings like metal panel systems for a fraction of the cost. The EasyTrim Reveals Panel trim series is compatible with all 5/16” inch fiber cement products. For best results follow the installation Best Practices of your chosen fiber cement manufacturer.


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Lap Siding


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Lap Trims are an excellent over the counter product that delivers benefits to everyone from your professional contractor to semi-skilled DIY (Do It Yourself) handyman homeowner. The LAP trim series feature prebuilt corners that are blind nailed and require no caulking or exposed fasteners so almost anyone can now make their corner trims look consistent and professional. EasyTrim Reveals LAP profiles are compatible with lapped 5/16” inch fiber cement plank siding and natural wood siding products up to ¾” inch. The idea of aluminum trims for plank siding is new, modern and innovative because they can never absorb water and are virtually 100% maintenance free.

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