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Panel Siding


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As a Home Builder – single family and/or multifamily – you have worked hard to build your business based on quality, affordability and value. You have to create interest for your homes in a challenging market with competition from older homes, renovated homes and fresh new homes that are all trying to attract the same potential buyer. Your goal is to sell your differentiated homes, on budget, and for a profit.

Today’s homeowners want low maintenance homes. Vinyl is considered low maintenance, but it is also perceived as cheap. Stucco and EIFS (External Insulation Finish System) are low maintenance monolithic claddings with a reputation for performance failures, looking tired and faded, and no warranty protection. Stucco and EIFS offer very limited design options, as in “seen one stucco / EIFS wall, you’ve seen them all.” When bad weather hits, you are forced to turn over the unfinished stucco or EIFS home to the buyer preventing you from collecting the entire sale price. Seasonal holdbacks disrupt cash flow. Scheduling spring crews to complete half-finished homes is an extra inconvenience for the homeowner and you.

EasyTrim Reveals when used with fiber cement panels, offer total design freedom and are perceived as modern, high-cost, high-value claddings. Our fit and finish elements have been designed to create horizontal and vertical trim terminations that plane out smoothly making our trims the only choice for high-traffic, high-contact areas. We provide low maintenance trims that will give your homeowner ageless beauty and enduring curb appeal. EasyTrim Reveals with 5/16” inch fiber cement also provide unmatched peace of mind with long-term factory warranties.

We are a trade-friendly building product, engineered to be installed in all temperature and precipitation conditions. This reduces installation times, eliminates the costly effects of bad weather, and helps keep your cash flow flowing.


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LAP Siding


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For Home Builders, it is an unfortunate fact that the profitability of a building can’t be determined once the home is finished: it still has to be handed over to the homeowner for final inspection. Common complaints you will hear during the walkthrough are often trim related: over driven nails, inconsistent caulking of nail holes, mitered corners that are opening up, messy unprofessional caulking. Dealing with these issues after construction hurts your Customer Satisfaction Index scores and your bottom line. An unsatisfied homeowner can really shrink your profit through the service department and trade callbacks.

EasyTrim Reveals LAP profiles use modern materials and inventive technology to enhance a wall component left relatively unchanged for more than a century. Made of 6063-T5 aluminum, our LAP profiles offer pre-built, dadoed corners that are blind nailed, caulk-free and shed water from the fiber cement. The large ¾” inch openings and tabs protect the lapped 5/16” inch fiber cement planks and ¾” inch T&G (tongue and groove) natural wood products. Our clever two piece vertical profile assembly with ez.lock™ changes the look and ease of installation of traditional plank siding because waste can be managed by maximizing the use of 12’ foot boards that are installed straight up the wall. These contemporary looking wall sections install quickly, butt joints are managed, moisture is controlled without caulk and they look amazing. Our LAP trims are durable, impact and fire resistance with the additional benefit of being virtually 100% maintenance free. EasyTrim Reveals LAP trims are an effective tool for improving customer satisfaction and profitability.


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