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Panel Siding


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As an architect you’re challenged to design modern, fresh buildings – residential and non-residential – that are differentiated and distinct from existing buildings and other new buildings that are coming to market. The new building you have been commissioned to create must pique the interests of various stakeholders – potential homeowners, lessees, and your client – as well as generate sales and long-term value through curb appeal.

You could design a building with stucco or EIFS but it will look generic and old quickly because these cladding materials stain, fade, crack, and leak. And most importantly, stucco and EIFS do not offer product warranties.

If you choose a box metal panel system, they are expensive and will require you to value engineer cost elsewhere in the building or increase your budget. Metal panel systems require off-site fabrication, they are costly to install, and maintenance and repair are very expensive and time consuming. Dirt streaks are a common problem after each rainfall due to poor water management and dark colors should be avoided because of color fade.

EasyTrim Reveals when used with fiber cement panels, offer today’s architects and designers endless design possibilities for considerably less money than competing cladding systems. We deliver breakthrough water management technology principles with a caulk-free line of trims designed for use with 5/16” inch fiber cement. Our system meets your requirements for non-combustible, low maintenance, green building products with strong warranty protection. EasyTrim Reveals is a premium, value-added aluminum wall system that protects fiber cement and has installation efficiencies that reduce installation times and lowers the cost of labor and long-term maintenance and repair.


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LAP Siding


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For architects, it’s an unfortunate fact that real wood corners and trims mean real world problems. Exterior wood corners and trims are usually the first part of the building to deteriorate and require maintenance. Wood trims are usually the first building material to be re-caulked, re-painted and replaced. The life cycle of the wood trims does not match the life cycle of the siding.

EasyTrim Reveals LAP trims are a modern aluminum trim system with large ¾” inch openings for lapped 5/16” inch fiber cement and ¾” inch natural and composite wood products. Our LAP profiles are high performance trims that incorporate unique caulk-free water management technologies and installation efficiencies to deliver a new and proven approach to all-weather wall assembly performance.

Our LAP primed and painted profiles have better paint adhesion than wood trims in addition to being non-combustible. Our trim line is blind nailed and helps create a completely new and differentiated look for plank siding and trim products. EasyTrim Reveals LAP two piece vertical trim assembly simplifies the trim and plank application process and reduces waste, making it very easy to install for the seasoned professional as well as the DIY handyperson.


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