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3D animated installation video – always be innovating…

“When given a blank canvas, why create something that has been done before?” responds Director of Sales and Marketing David Bovell when asked about Easytrim Reveals track record of innovating the bourgeoning aluminum exterior trim product segment of the building industry.

“We exist to design innovative building products and solve the expressed and anticipated concerns of our customers and stakeholders. Our users want installation guidance and our job was to figure out the best vehicle to deliver that assistance in a short, informative modern way and once again I think we have raised the bar for what should be expected from manufacturers in our industry.”

Easytrim Reveals is pleased to release the first in a series of 3D computer animated installation videos. Easytrim’s Panel System Installation Video is the first and only profile installation video that provides the viewer with step by step instructions and color coded profiles that outline the installation process for trimming windows, inside and outside corner details, horizontal and vertical profile application and additional tips regarding installation best practices. Unlike traditional installation videos common in the building industry, profiles in Easytrim’s 3D animated tutorial are easily identifiable and float from place to place with the viewer’s POV floating them. From the cutting table to the wall, the viewer follows profiles as they are cut and float into other profiles in the system and are nailed into place. “We have invested time and resources creating patented features that promote our distinct fit and finish and water management capabilities and this video helps people see how these unique features interact to create a high-performance system. We wanted to show Easytrim users not only how the system is installed but how our system sheds water and delivers what we feel should be the standard when using fiber cement panels with extruded aluminum trim products.”


Check out our video – HERE